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There is a path for everyone

Let's find yours

Trailhead Counselling 


Authentic and personable


Gender and sexuality-affirming


and effective


Informed and experienced

How can I help?

Individual Counselling

Gender-Affirming Hormone and Surgical Readiness Assessments

Relationship Counselling

Take the first step

Finding a counsellor you connect with is essential.

I offer 15-minute consultations to understand what has led you to reach out, the direction you'd like to take, my role in your journey, and the goals that will keep us on track.

Counselling that meets you where you're at,
wherever that may be.

No jargon, judgment or pathologizing.

Respect for your body and your story.

Lived experience in queerness, gender diversity, addiction, mental illness, non-normative relationships, and the challenge of navigating the state of the world we live in.

A balance of softness, understanding and accountability, keeping you on track.

Let's get you headed in the right direction.

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