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Accepting new clients!

Trailhead offers services tailored to your needs by phone or secure video platform.


Individual Counselling

$150 per 50 min session

Working together, I can support you in cultivating compassion for yourself and others, taking pride in who you are, navigating relationships and moving through the difficulties that arise in life. I specialize in supporting the queer, trans, kink, and non-monogamous communities in unpacking identity, sex and relationship issues, emotional dysregulation, trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, and challenges related to navigating the world with a marginalized identity.

No matter where we are starting, there is a happy and fulfilling future for you. Let's get there together.

Hormone & Surgical Readiness Assessments

$350 per assessment

As a Registered Social Worker and a trans person who has personally experienced these systems, I can offer practical support with government documentation and healthcare navigation such as, hormone readiness assessments, top and gonadectomy surgical assessments, name and gender marker documentation and referrals to community partners. I am also able to provide secondary letters in support of genital surgeries in Ontario.


Each formal assessment includes up to two 50 min sessions, report writing and coordination with care providers. Additional sessions are available at the regular rate.


Relationship Counselling

$170 per 50 min session

Being in relation to other people is one of our most fundamental human needs. As fulfilling as relationships can be, they can be equally complex. I can work with you and your partner(s) to meet challenges with compassion, and come to deeper understandings of each other.


Relationships need space to explore the issues that matter most. Let's create that together.


Trailhead is a queer, trans, kink, poly, body, sex, and sex work-positive practice.

Sliding scale spots may be available upon request.

Let's get you headed in the right direction

Finding a counsellor you connect with is essential.

I offer 15-minute consultations to understand what has led you to reach out, the direction you'd like to take, my role in your journey, and the goals that will keep us on track.

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