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Hormone & Surgical Readiness Assessments

Trailhead is proud to offer gender-affirming Hormone and top and gonadectomy Surgical Readiness Assessments for clients in British Columbia. I am also able to provide secondary letters in support of genital surgeries in ON and hormone readiness assessments.

Hormone and Surgical Readiness Assessments are required by Provincial Health Authorities and are in place to assess the physical, mental and emotional readiness of candidates for gender-affirming care.

I am an approved assessor in the provinces and provide thorough and respectful sessions to explore gender-affirming care. In addition to my personal experience, I have completed many assessments, helping clients work around systemic barriers to get the care they need and deserve.

What to expect

My role as an assessor is to insure you are prepared, informed and as safe as possible in your journey in accessing gender-affirming care.

An overview of the client’s gender history, previous gender-affirming measures and desired outcomes

An account of relevant physical and mental health

An assessment of a client’s stability and available support as it relates to housing, employment, and social community (family and friends)

A comprehensive overview of the potential risks and outcomes of the care being considered

An assessment of maturity and ability to consent to the care being considered

Space to ask questions, share concerns and explore your options

Your journey is unique and valid

One of the joys of the queer and trans experience is the necessity of script-breaking. When you do not adhere to common expectations of gender and sexuality, you invite room to write your own story.


These assessments are not designed to force another pre-written narrative onto a client's experience. They are not opportunities to debate the validity of a client’s gender, nor are they designed to gatekeep certain medical therapies.


If barriers are preventing a recommendation from being made, my role is to work with clients to manage these challenges and help them access the care they need and deserve.

Let's get you headed in the right direction

Finding a counsellor you connect with is essential.

I offer 15-minute consultations to understand what has led you to reach out, the direction you'd like to take, my role in your journey, and the goals that will keep us on track.

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